Charnwood Indoor Bowls Club

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COVID-19 Guidance and Rules

EIBA / CIBC Covid-19 rules from 24th September 2020



Booking is mandatory by telephone on 07745-773379.

You may not enter the building without a booking.

Entry is by the front door.

You must wear a face covering throughout, mask or visor.

Your temperature will be checked on entry.

If you have a temperature you will not be admitted.

Use the hand sanitiser on the left as you enter and register at the desk. You will be told your rink number.


If you use the NHS QR App on entry please do not leave your mobile near to another mobile. Keep it with you.

This will avoid a false reading caused by leaving two mobiles close together.


Payment for parking and rink fees will be added together and payment by card only please.

Skips can pay for the rink and car park fees recorded by the steward with one card if they wish but will need to collect team players name and telephone number before paying. (Everyone in the building must be registered on Track & Trace).

You may enter the changing room to obtain your bowls.

There must be a maximum of 6 people in the changing room at any one time.

Toilets can be used on a one in one out basis only and you must sanitise on entry and exit.

In the Bowls Hall do not move out of your designated rink space and interact with players on different rinks unless using the toilets.

6 chairs will be available on your designated rink.

Please only sit on one seat at the end of your designated rink.

The Lounge is out of bounds.

There will be no refreshments or water.

You may bring your own refreshments and water but you must take all your litter home with you.


Nominate one Jack handler from the skips, one scoreboard handler and one mat handler.

Please do not pick up any mat or jack if you haven’t been nominated.

The mat handler will place the mat on all ends.

The rink markings have been moved and mats must be placed on the YELLOW T for delivery.

The 4 Yellow squares on the rinks are for the lead and 2 to stand on to keep your social distance.

When skips walk down to bowl the mat handler should remain at the bowling end in order to move the mat off the rink after the final skip bowl.

The jack will be placed by the jack handler in a position chosen by the skip of the team that won the previous end.

Only spray chalk is allowed. Do not touch other player’s bowls.

If the jack goes off the rink and needs re-spotting the jack handler must re-spot the jack.

Use your feet to move bowls around when breaking up the head.


At the end of match all used mats and jacks must be left where indicated for sanitising.

There will be a one way system in place.

You must leave by the indicated Exit fire door at the end of the game as the front Entrance will be locked as soon as all registered players are in the building.

The main thing is to enjoy being back and be sensible and safe.


Please treat this seriously as failure to do so could cause us to close and pay up to £20000 fine for non-compliance.