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Bowls Etiquette

Bowls etiquette embodies the “unwritten laws of the game”.
It is a combination of good manners and sportsmanship with the aim of making every game as enjoyable as possible for all bowlers.
  • Shake hands at the start of the game and introduce yourself.
  • After delivering your bowl remain on the mat until it has come to rest.
  • Do not walk down the sides of your rink as it may interfere with adjoining games.
  • Stand still at the head when a player is about to bowl.
  • Do not over celebrate or complain about “lucky” bowls.
  • While the end is in progress only one member of each team should be in the “head”
  • Remember the role of your position.
  • The outcome of each end should be decided by only one member of each team.
  • No bowls should be moved until this decision is agreed.
  • At the end of the game all players should shake hands before leaving the rink.