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2024 Presentation photos


The 2024 Presentation night photos, showing results from the 2023-24 Summer and Winter Bowls Drives, Leagues and Club Competitions, are now available to look at on the website galleries.


A few photos are available for Interclub and County. When these have been sorted out and processed these will also be available on the website.


The SUNDAY evening drive from 6:30 to 8:30 are now playing Austrailian Pairs.
This allows all players to have the opportunity to lead and skip.
AUSTRALIAN PAIRS allows both people on a team to play Lead and Skip. In the first end of the game the Leads start off with 2 Bowls each. Then the Skips play their 4 Bowls. Then the Leads complete the end with their final 2 BowlsIn the next end roles are reversed.
To join in phone 07745 773379 to book and register.